Monday, January 26, 2009

Mira Sorvino Is All Buff For The Last Templar

Did you catch The Last Templar last night on NBC? If you missed it, you can catch it tonight on NBC as well. Sorvino is loving her new role as a Manhattan archaeologist who is drawn into a search for the lost secrets of the medieval Knights Templar. Here's an excerpt from an article on in which Sorvino talks about the role:

"Getting to play a world-traveling, hole- digging, mystery-solving role is a big change for the 41-year-old New Jersey native. Most of her film and TV roles have cast her as the love interest. She did get to show her athletic side a decade ago in "Mimic." But that role was an exception on her résumé. Until now.

"I had never before played a role that had all of these different elements to it. It's light and deep. She's a little crazy. But she's also got a very serious side, a very scholarly side," Sorvino says during an interview at the Universal Hilton. "I've never played a role like this. I have either played really comedic gals or really dramatic people. There has been nothing like this which is a fun, charismatic person who is kind of quirky but also be kind of a badass, vulnerable or in love."

You might not immediately think of a female Indiana Jones when you meet the actress. It is easy to see why the actress gets cast in so many romantic roles. Her smile is disarming. She's full of energy. She looks more like the kind of woman over whom men fight than one who would do the fighting.

And that was one reason Sorvino agreed to endure long hours of physical training and shooting in Morocco, where the temperature got up to 130 degrees. (Other parts of the film were made in Canada.) She's almost giddy when she talks about how she got to throw some kicks and punches in the movie."

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