Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Penthouse Pet of the Year Surprised Mama's Boy With Nude News

During the finale of Mama's Boys last night, the truth finally was revealed to Michael that the woman he and his mother liked was none other than Penthouse Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson. Here's what happened on the show courtesy of Courant.com:

"Michael Sarysz had a tougher choice: Erica seemed perfect and his mother had loved no girlfriend as much as she loved her, but on their final night she revealed the news that she not only had posed nude, she was the currently reigning Penthouse Pet of the Year. Michael had a little smile when he heard that, but he became revolted in a way that his mother never did - she didn't care what Erica had done in the past, it didn't change her feelings about her.

The difference: he had seen Penthouse (NSFW) before. Earlier his mother had eliminated a Playboy candidate, so he was a little confused when his mother kept pushing the Penthouse Pet over the other finalist, Amanda, who is in medical school. Moms, in this case, was more forgiving than the son. He took Amanda."

That's one forgiving mama... Because if she did a quick Google search for Erica, she might not be as forgiving once she saw some of the poses/situations Ms. Ellyson has been in.


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