Saturday, January 24, 2009

Want A Shot At Being Slim This Year? Some Say Slim Shots Is The Ticket

Every year, new diet products hit the market, but it's been a long time since one hit the market like Slim Shots. How's this for hitting the market: According to this press release, Slim Shots is launching a $41 Million Ad Campaign! All I can say is I hope the product works. Because if it doesn't, talk about a colossal loss of money.

But, from what I've been able to find online, the product actually seems to do what it says it will. Here's an excerpt from an article on

"Slim Shots claim to trigger the mechanism that controls appetite. So, they satisfy hunger for relatively long periods of time.

Because of this you end up eating less and you don’t have to sacrifice all of your favorite foods. Sounds great doesn’t it? I think so.

Slim Shots are packaged in containers about the size of an individual coffee creamer. This makes it easier to use them on the go and they are convenient because they don’t have the refrigerated.

You can drink them straight or add them to products such as cereal, shakes, yogurt and coffee. The first week you’re supposed to take two shots per day… one at breakfast and one at lunch. After that they say that one shot, at breakfast, will probably be adequate. (Keep in mind though that response rates vary.)

It is safe for anyone to take. However, they do recommend that you speak to your doctor before trying the product, if you are taking any kind of medication. It’s even suitable for vegans and vegetarians."

If you want to try it yourself, is offering $10 off right now.


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