Monday, February 9, 2009

The Kindle 2 From Amazon - It'll Save You Money Within One Year

Amazon launched it's Kindle 2 today. Kindle 2 is the evolution of Amazon's Kindle, which is an embedded system for reading electronic books or e-books. It's really an amazing product, and if you're an avid book reader, it'll easily save you money within the first year or two of owning it.

Here's how: The average avid reader reads about three books a month, and the average price of a hard cover book is about $20. Almost all of the e-book versions of books for the Kindle are $9.99. Therefore, if you normally purchase three novels a month, you'll save $30 a month, or $360 a year. The Kindle 2 retails for $359, so after the first year, it will have paid for itself in savings.

The Kindle 2 has a ton of other features as well. You can read all about it and watch video demonstrations on this page on

It officially goes on sale February 24, 2009, but you can go ahead and order now to reserve your place in line. Normally, I'd say this was just a sales tactic, but for this product, it's true. If you want one, you'd better go ahead and order one now. Towards the end of last year, Oprah endorsed the product, and it was sold out by November, and it's been sold out ever since.

My advice. If you want one, get it now. If not, wait for the Kindle 3...

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