Sunday, February 15, 2009

PHOTO: Melissa Britos Helping A-Rod Cope With Steroid Woes

The young lady pictured to the right here is named Melissa Britos. Who is she? In addition to a model, she's apparently been dating Alex Rodriguez for a while now. They were spotted over the weekend getting cozy together in Miami Beach. Here's the details from

Melissa Britos is helping Alex Rodriguez get through a difficult period in his life. According to the Daily News, Melissa Britos and A-rod were spotted getting cozy in Miami Beach this Valentine's weekend. Indeed, there's nothing like a gorgeous model to make a man forget his troubles.

Sources say that Melissa Britos first came into Alex Rodriguez's life late last year, and that they are now dating. A-Rod has also recently been romantically linked to aging pop icon Madonna. But, for the time being, all his attention seems to be focused on Melissa Britos. The Daily News reports that an onlooker noted how happy Melissa Britos and Alex Rodriguez looked together.

And, considering the pressure A-Rod has been under lately, it would have to take a formidable distraction to, well, distract him. Alex Rodriguez's troubles, in case you live under a rock, have a little something to do with steroids. He recently admitted to having taken anabolic steroids during his tenure with the Texas Rangers. His admission came after Sports Illustrated published a report indicating that A-Rod was one of 104 players who tested positive for steroids in a survey test conducted by Major League Baseball in 2003. Some wonder whether A-Rod only admitted to this transgression (steroid use is tantamount to cheating) because he got caught.

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