Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skydiver Daniel Pharr Narrowly Escapes Death When Instructor Suffers Heartattack

Daniel Pharr is one lucky man. While on his first ever skydive, his instructor suffered a heart attack, and Daniel narrowly managed to escape death by landing the parachute himself. Here's the details from TimesOnline.co.uk:

"A novice skydiver used techniques picked up from TV to survive after his instructor suffered a heart attack and died during their 13,500ft fall.

Daniel Pharr, 25, on his first ever jump, managed to pull the toggles on his already-deployed parachutes to narrowly steer around a house and some trees after George 'Chip' Steele lost consciousness in mid-air.

Eventually, the pair landed safely in a field – around one third of a mile from the designated landing strip, in Chester, South Carolina.

Mr Pharr immediately wrestled out of the harness binding him to Mr Steele and tried to give CPR to his 49-year-old instructor, but without success.

Staff at the diving school later said that if the novice – a soldier based in Georgia – had pulled his toggle too hard, the parachute would have spun out of control and he, too, would have died.

“They told me afterward that it was amazing that I knew to do that. This is my survival instinct at that point. I just kind of did what I had to do,” he said."

To continue reading this miraculous story, visit this page on TimesOnline.co.uk.

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