Monday, March 9, 2009

PHOTO: German Billionaire Susanne Klatten Cons Swiss Gigolo Con Man Helg Sgarbi

**UPDATE - 7-17-09**

Three Arrested in BMW Heiress Blackmail Attempt

Germany's richest woman and a 12.5% owner of BMW, Susanne Klatten turned the tables on The Swiss Gigolo, Helg Sgarbi after he had bilked her for millions of dollars. Klatten's ordeal was more Hollywood-like than real-life, and it's a sharp reminder of how creative scam artists can be. Here's the beginning of this story from

Banks, cheese, chocolate. The Swiss are famous for many things, but their prowess at sexual conquests usually isn't one of them. That makes the exploits of Helg Sgarbi, née Russak, even more exceptional. The 44-year-old former banker, handsome, tall and well mannered, has shown a remarkable talent in the field of effective affection. In the four cases that have become public, the "Swiss Gigolo," as Sgarbi is now known, managed to collect an impressive $11.8 million from women that fell for him.

But his luck ran out in a German court Monday, when Sgarbi was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud, attempted fraud and attempted blackmail. Sgarbi confessed that not only did he dine, bewitch and bed a number of married women, but tricked them into paying him to keep quiet. In two cases, he confessed, he used blackmail to extract money. (Read: "The Royal Blackmail Mystery")

Sgarbi's undoing was Germany's wealthiest woman, industrialist and philanthropist Susanne Klatten. Having already received $8.84 million from Klatten, who owns 12.5% of German carmaker BMW and a majority of chemical firm Altana, and is a married mother of three, Sgarbi tried to blackmail her with a secretly filmed video showing the couple in bed. But instead of sending him the negotiated $17.7 million (down from the $366 million police say he asked for), Klatten sent the police.

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