Sunday, March 29, 2009

VIDEO: Patti Davis and Nancy Reagan Finally Make Up

Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, was on with Leslie Stahl this morning on CBS Sunday Morning talking about her relationship with her mother Nancy Reagan. Stahl also has Nancy on the phone during the interview. Here's more information from

The strained relationship between Patti Davis and her parents, former President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, has been well documented.

"There was definitely more fire between me and my mother. I was never angry at my father. I was angry at his job choice," Davis tells correspondent Lesley Stahl on CBS Sunday Morning, anchored by Charles Osgood, March 29 at 9 a.m. ET.

Stahl speaks with Davis and her mother who, after decades of feuding, say they are now closer and that their relationship continues to improve after a heartfelt apology Davis made. "I said, 'I know I've caused you pain. It was never my intention to do so…But I know I did and I want you to know I'm sorry,'" Davis recounts.

Now the two speak every day, but the always-candid Davis says, "[It's] not like a Hallmark card. It wasn't suddenly everything is just fine and pink and rosy. It's not like there are never moments of pushing buttons."

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