Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GRAPHIC PHOTOS - This is Why You Don't Text While Driving Your Car!

If you don't have a strong stomach, then you don't want to view the last few photos of this horrible accident. Normally, I wouldn't put something like this on the site, but it's such a powerful reminder of what can happen if you aren't paying attention while driving. Specifically, if you've gotten in the habit of texting and/or talking excessively on your cell phone while driving, I think these pictures just might persuade you otherwise.

**Warning** The pictures are graphic. If you have a weak stomach, don't open them, and by all means, be careful when driving and use common sense.

Okay. The last two photos here are the ones I was talking about. Proceed with caution. They are extremely graphic.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

I think this should be enough incentive for anyone to realize it's not a good idea to drink and drive or text and drive. And, if you must talk on your cell phone, use headphones or don't talk at all.

Be careful out there...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

John Daly Finally Made It Back To The Masters...

...unfortunately, he didn't make it into The Masters, but rather across the street from The Masters where he's hawking t-shirts, head covers, practice balls and more. I've always been a fan of big John, but it's really sad to see what's happened to him. But, maybe, and I emphasize maybe, he's headed down the right path now. Here's an excerpt from an article on SportingNews.com:

Daly is ranked 783rd in the world, has no exempt playing status to get into PGA Tour events, said he lost between $7 million and $8 million in sponsorship dollars last year and has no idea where his game is after sitting out the past six months in part because of a PGA Tour suspension.

"I don't have one sponsor right now," Daly told The Post "I'm on the verge of bankruptcy with the bad economy and the loss of sponsors. I don't want to go that route."

Daly, whose weight increased to 280 pounds at one point, had Lap-Band weight loss surgery seven weeks ago and told the newspaper he already has lost 40 pounds. He also is working with Phil Mickelson's former coach, Rick Smith, getting ready to play in Europe in a few weeks. He also says he's working with a therapist to address his personal problems, which have included divorces, drinking and financial issues.

"I've always been down on talking to a shrink, but I'm not ashamed to say I'm doing that right now," Daily told the newspaper. "I've had so many things going on in my life that I need it to help me. He's helped me settle on realistic goals. I've always expected too much out of myself and it's probably ruined my career to this point."

Photo Source: PhotoBucket.com

Total Ban On Smoking In Dallas Starts On Friday, April 10, 2009

Non-smoker? If you're offended by smoking in bars and restaurants, then you might want to move to Dallas. CBS11TV.com is reporting that tomorrow, a ban on smoking in any public building goes into affect. Personally, I'm not a smoker, but I'm not sure if a total ban is a good idea.

Mainly, I feel for all the bar and restaurant owners who don't have the luxury of building an outdoor patio to accommodate smokers. For many of them, they'll lose a significant amount of their business, which in this economy, means they'll probably be put out of business very soon.

Turkish TV Reporter Addresses President Obama In Black Face

Wow! A Turkish TV reporter addressed President Obama's visit to Turkey in black face. While it's meaning in Turkey is different from the U.S., it was still a completely inappropriate response. The video is below. It's not in English, but you can read the translation below the video explaining why his face is painted black.

Welcome Mr Obama. You made us happy with your speech in in Ankara with your open attitude and and good will. However, we have some anxiety. Until now USA has always demanded and gotten what it wants [from Turkey] but now we have a request.

There is a proverb in Turkey which explains my current situation [with the black face]. They who request something should have a black face, and they how do not give something should be an arab (black). When they translate the word black from Turkish to English they might use words such as Negro or Blackie. Please do not be fooled with this translation. This word is not used to insult or belittle black people. In contrary, it is used in a sense that our face should be darker. Hence, I have painted my faces black so that I can make a request to Mr Obama.

Now to the point. We [Turkey] have had a problem for years with the terrorist organization PKK. You said that PKK is a common enemy to both our countries in your speech today. We are expecting serious and earnest corporation from you [as opposed to Bush] in this subject. Give us actionable information [from northern Iraq] and WE will do whatever is necessary if you do not want to do it. Instruct your allies in northern Iraq to cooperate with us in this subject. They are your men and they will obey you.

The second issue is about the Armenian genocide. In your speech today you said that your point of view in this subject have not changed. Please give us your support in this subject against the propaganda from the Armenian lobby.

Please continue with your support for Turkeys concession procedure to EU. Also, there is this subject of IMF. We do not want money from you, we want cooperation.

You said in your speech that Turkey is an important allied to US. Give us what we want as allies and we will give you what you want."

Judge Grants Mom's Wish To Harvest Dead Son's Sperm

Some stories make you go, huh? This is one of them. A mother's request to have her dead son's sperm harvested for future use was granted by a judge. Here's an excerpt from CBSNews.com:

A judge has granted a mother's request to have someone harvest sperm from her dead son's body, so she can have the option of carrying out his wish to have children.

Nikolas Colton Evans, 21, died Sunday at a Brackenridge hospital after being punched and falling outside an Austin bar March 27.

His mother, Marissa Evans, told the Austin American-Statesman newspaper that he wanted to have three sons someday and had even picked out their names: Hunter, Tod and Van.

"I want him to live on. I want to keep a piece of him," she told the newspaper.

Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman ruled Monday in an emergency hearing requested by the mother, because of the urgency of collecting the sperm intact.

Court documents said the sperm had to be collected within 24 hours of Nikolas Evans being removed from life support unless the body was cooled to no more than 39.2 degrees.

Herman ordered the county medical examiner's office to continue storing the body at the proper temperature until the sperm could be collected.

Go here to continue reading this story.

Photo Source: Photobucket.com

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PHOTO: Rare Megamouth Shark Caught And Then Eaten In The Philippines

And then their were only 40... An extremely rare Megamouth Shark (this one in the picture was caught in July 2008) was caught off the coast of the Philippines, and despite numerous pleas from WWF officials, the fishermen butchered it and ate it. Here are more details from the AP:

Fishermen in the Philippines accidentally caught and later ate a megamouth shark, one of the rarest fishes in the world with only 40 others recorded to have been encountered, the World Wildlife Fund said Tuesday.

The 1,100-pound (500-kilogram) 13-foot (4-meter) megamouth died while struggling in the fishermen's net on March 30 off Burias island in the central Philippines. It was taken to nearby Donsol in Sorsogon province, where it was butchered and eaten, said Gregg Yan, spokesman for WWF-Philippines.

Yan said a WWF Donsol Project Manager Elson Aca took pictures of the megamouth and tried to dissuade the fishermen from eating it. Shark meat is the main ingredient in a local delicacy.

Go here to continue reading this article.

Click Here for more photos like the one above.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Taliban Chief Claims Responsibility For Binghamton NY Massacre

This is just now hitting the news wires. Here's the details from FoxNews.com:

A Pakistani Taliban militant leader has claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. immigration center in New York state in which 13 people were killed, Reuters reported.

"I accept responsibility. They were my men. I gave them orders in reaction to U.S. drone attacks," Baituallah Mehsud told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location on Saturday.

U.S. officials were not immediately available for comment about Mehsud's claim, Reuters reported, and one Pakistani security analyst dismissed the claim as a publicity stunt.

Representative Maurice Hinchey, whose district includes Binghamton, told the New York Times that indications are the gunman was an immigrant from Vietnam.

Mehsud's claim comes as a suspected U.S. drone fired two missiles at an alleged militant hide-out Saturday in northwestern Pakistan, killing 13 people.

Go here to continue reading this breaking news story.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Giants FINALLY Release Troubled Plaxico Burress

It's about time. The Giants finally released Plaxico Burress. It was just a matter of time, but I'm glad they went ahead and did it. Here are some details from the New York Times:

A few days after committing the blunder of his life last year, Plaxico Burress sat in a Giants office with a look on his face that General Manager Jerry Reese had never seen before.

Reese had seen plenty — mostly disinterested looks through all the fines and suspensions levied during the course of Burress’s four years with the Giants. The lectures all seemed to go over, under and around Burress, but never seemed to penetrate.

Then on Nov. 29, Burress crossed the line. He accidentally shot himself in the thigh in a Manhattan nightclub with an unlicensed gun he had tucked into his waistband. Burress was charged with two counts of criminal weapons possession. Worse, his recklessness incurred the wrath of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has made the prosecution of illegal weapons possession one of his pet projects.

As Burress sat in Reese’s office that day, there was no slouching, no looking out the window. He leaned forward, looking in Reese’s eyes, paying attention to every word he spoke. When Reese told Burress that he was finished for the season, suspended without pay and fined, Burress was visibly shaken. He told Reese how much the Giants meant to him, said they were effectively his family.

Today, Burress has no football family.

On Friday, the Giants released him, ending a productive but often trying tenure that crested when he caught the winning touchdown pass in the 2008 Super Bowl. Back in December, Reese left the door open for Burress to return, saying that if he survived a blizzard of legal issues, he could be a Giant in 2009. “Provided he plays by Giants rules,” Reese said.

(Article Source: New York Times)

(Photo Source: PhotoBucket.com

Man Coughs Up Nail Stuck in Nose For Years

Prax Sanchez went to the doctor because he was having sinus pains. He had an MRI done, and during the process, a nail that was lodged in his nasal cavity was dislodged by the MRI's magnet, and he coughed it up and spit it out. Prax has no idea how the nail ended up in his nose. Very bizarre. Here are more details from UPI.com:

Doctors at a Colorado clinic said a nail coughed up by a patient may have been lodged up the man's nose for 30 years.

The Old Colorado City family clinic said patient Prax Sanchez arrived complaining of a sharp pain in his face under his right eye, KKTV, Colorado Springs, Colo., reported Thursday.

Doctors and staff at the clinic said they were shocked when, after a magnetic resonance imaging test, Sanchez began coughing and a 1-inch nail fell out of his nose.

"To us, he's a medical miracle. It's amazing. We've never seen anything like this," medical receptionist Cheryl Paterson said.

Doctors said the nail may have been lodged in Sanchez's nose for up to 30 years.

"Once it's in the nasal cavity like that, a little membrane forms around it and it becomes a foreign object," one doctor said.

Sanchez told the television station he didn't know how the nail got into his nose.

Article Source: UPI.com
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