Thursday, April 9, 2009

Turkish TV Reporter Addresses President Obama In Black Face

Wow! A Turkish TV reporter addressed President Obama's visit to Turkey in black face. While it's meaning in Turkey is different from the U.S., it was still a completely inappropriate response. The video is below. It's not in English, but you can read the translation below the video explaining why his face is painted black.

Welcome Mr Obama. You made us happy with your speech in in Ankara with your open attitude and and good will. However, we have some anxiety. Until now USA has always demanded and gotten what it wants [from Turkey] but now we have a request.

There is a proverb in Turkey which explains my current situation [with the black face]. They who request something should have a black face, and they how do not give something should be an arab (black). When they translate the word black from Turkish to English they might use words such as Negro or Blackie. Please do not be fooled with this translation. This word is not used to insult or belittle black people. In contrary, it is used in a sense that our face should be darker. Hence, I have painted my faces black so that I can make a request to Mr Obama.

Now to the point. We [Turkey] have had a problem for years with the terrorist organization PKK. You said that PKK is a common enemy to both our countries in your speech today. We are expecting serious and earnest corporation from you [as opposed to Bush] in this subject. Give us actionable information [from northern Iraq] and WE will do whatever is necessary if you do not want to do it. Instruct your allies in northern Iraq to cooperate with us in this subject. They are your men and they will obey you.

The second issue is about the Armenian genocide. In your speech today you said that your point of view in this subject have not changed. Please give us your support in this subject against the propaganda from the Armenian lobby.

Please continue with your support for Turkeys concession procedure to EU. Also, there is this subject of IMF. We do not want money from you, we want cooperation.

You said in your speech that Turkey is an important allied to US. Give us what we want as allies and we will give you what you want."


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